Recent Successes

We completed our final report to the Maryland Legal Services Corporation, one of our main funders, and are happy to report that CLS provided legal services to over 9,900 low income residents in Prince George’s County. This would not have been possible without the continuous dedication of our staff and so many of you, members of the private who volunteer at our various brief advice clinics and our Pro Bono and Reduced Fee Lawyer Referral Program. We are tremendously grateful for your unrelenting commitment in advocating for equal access to justice for all county residents.

Please take a moment to read some of the success stories made possible by you:

  • Client reached out to CLS for assistance with her custody case. Opposing party is a doctor and there was a substantial income disparity as the Client was a stay at home parent to care for the parties’ minor child. There was a complicated history between the parties and while there was no overt violence, this ended up being a very emotional case for all those involved. Once the client was approved for our services, the client was placed with a volunteer attorney. The attorney prepared the client for the case. The case included a substantial amount of discovery including depositions. The client was worried that Opposing party would be in a better position because he had funds to pay his attorney. The client received exceptional legal assistance and was ultimately awarded $2478 a month in child support with $14000 in child support arrears. The parties were granted a custody order that satisfied both parties and was beneficial to their child. Our volunteer attorney spent over 50 hours on this case but this family was able to achieve an agreement that is beneficial to everyone involved.
  • Client was a single mother who had been forced to quit her job during a difficult pregnancy because she ran out of leave. She came to our office 8 months pregnant and in complete despair trying to save her home. Our staff attorney counseled her on the process, the timeline, the points at which, once she was healthy and had safely delivered, she would be able to act. During the consultation a multi-strategy plan was set up (a savings plan, a job plan, a modification plan, a Circuit Court plan and a Bankruptcy plan) to hedge the outcome. She worked closely with the staff of CLS and was placed with a volunteer attorney for her foreclosure mediation. During that time, she safely delivered her baby and was able to return to work. The time that had been managed and negotiated allowed her the ability to demonstrate the income necessary to modify her loan and keep her home. Our client is raising her newborn son in her home with a sustainable mortgage for years to come.