December Newsletter

CLS Monthly Foreclosure Prevention Training – Last Wednesday of Every Month

Our next monthly training will be held on Wednesday, November 28, 2018 at 2:00 pm. Join us for a presentation regarding the foreclosure related cases with opportunity to speak with an experienced foreclosure attorney. Topics covered will include foreclosure mediation, foreclosure pre and post bankruptcy options, tenant actions: rent escrow, wrongful eviction, retaliatory actions, eviction by diminution of services, and consumer protection actions.  Please RSVP to Nora Eidelman at 240-391-6532, ext. 5 or Trainings to be held at 6301 Ivy Lane, Suite 720, Greenbelt, MD.

Funding Available for Representation in Foreclosure Prevention

CLS has funding for attorneys representing clients in Prince George’s County through our Foreclosure Prevention program.  CLS has expanded our Foreclosure Prevention project to provide paid hours to attorneys accepting cases for representation in foreclosure defense cases, post-foreclosure motions for Surplus, tenants in foreclosures, as well foreclosure mediation.   In foreclosure prevention cases, the funding provides attorneys $80.00 an hour up to thirty hours of representation. Funds include representation at judicial proceedings, mediation preparation, representation at mediation, and negotiations.  Additionally, funding is available for bankruptcy chapter 7, and other legal actions that may help the client save his home.  If you are interested in being added to our foreclosure volunteer attorney pool or require additional information, please contact Michael Udejiofor at 240-391-6532, ext. 1 or  Training, mentoring and malpractice insurance is provided.  Funding is available from a generous grant provided by Maryland Legal Services Corporation (MLSC).