Who We Are

Mission Statement

To Educate , Represent And Empower Low Income Members Of The Princee George’s County Community Regarding Civil Legal Matters.

About Us

Community Legal Services (CLS) of Prince George’s County, Inc., is a non-profit organization established to provide quality civil legal services to indigent persons in Prince George’s County.

The services are provided by the lawyers of Prince George’s County and by professional staff. With the help of volunteer and staff attorneys, we provide free legal advice, free or reduced fee legal representation, and legal education to low-income persons in Prince George’s County.

We provide assistance in matters involving: divorce, custody, child support, visitation, domestic violence, guardianship, unpaid wages, tort defense, foreclosure, bankruptcy and other non-fee generating cases.

Organized under 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, CLS qualifies as a tax-exempt charitable organization and donations are always welcome. CLS operates in a very cost effective manner, with grants from a dozen generous foundations and receives gifts and contributions from the legal and business communities, as well as from private individuals.


Executive Director Deputy Director
Jessica A. Quincosa, Esq. Nora C. Eidelman


Legal Assistants

Neal T. Conway Chief Financial Officer 
Angela Wright

Interviews clients and determines client eligibility.

Yeini Alvarez Interviews clients, determines client eligibility and matches clients with volunteer attorneys.  Operates bankruptcy program and assists in our Suitland Clinic.
Sharon Hermandez Legal assistant – Manages Self Represented Family Law Clinic in the Upper Marlboro Courthouse
Michael Udejiofor Foreclosure program -determines client eligibility.
Flor Ceron Foreclosure program - interviews clients and determines eligibility.


Karin Dalichow, Esq. Latino Outreach Attorney Operates Langley Park Family Law Clinic
John Gabel, Esq. Foreclosure Prevention Attorney Operates Foreclosure Clinic and support for Foreclosure Program
Darlene Wright Powell, Esq. Family Law Clinics Provides advice in our Courthouse Family Law Clinic and  operates our Suitland Family Law Clinic.  Manages Family Law intake of new clients
Harold Boyd, Esq. Family Law Clinic Provides advice to clients in our Courthouse Family Law Clinic
Alicia Lewis, Esq. Family Law Clinic Provides advice to clients in our Courthouse Family Law Clinic
Valerie Adeyeye, Esq. Workers' Rights Program Operates Workers’ Rights Program in our Langley Park Clinic.